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My archery setup for indoor shooting. I’ve shot Recurve for a number of years and occasionally Compound. Decided to get more serious with the compound and gather my kit together and (borrowing some elements from my recurve setup) put together a travelling set that I can grab and take with me easily.

  • Merlin Excalibur EX37 Compound Bow
  • - Long and Short(weighted) stabilizers
  • - Spott Hogg Premier Rest(fitted)
  • Easton 4 tube Hip Quiver (velco loop inserts to muffle sound)
  • - Whistle
  • - Left-hand Leather Glove
  • - Multitool
  • - Score Pad and Pen
  • -Bohning and Leather Armguards
  • - Grenade Arrow Puller
  • Booster Ovation Light 2 Sight
  • - Black Hawk Scope
  • Legend Hybrid Tokyo Case
  • TRU Ball - Boss X Release
  • Negrini Arrow Case
  • - 6 W&W Challenge Arrows
  • - 6 Easton Fatboy Arrows
  • - Arrow Lube
  • Tripod Stand
  • Trophy Taker Spring Steel Rest
  • - Assorted Alan keys, Spanners, String Separators, String Wax, Spare Peepsights & Tubing, Glue, Nocks and Fletchings (using childproof pill bottles to keep the contents secure)

Not shown is my Avalon Classic D-Bag which is perfect for putting in the car boot and taking up a lot less room. Often the Legend bag is used a kit storage while all this kit still packs into the Avalon with ease.

I’ve also run up several tube bags for the stabilizers and rest with a paracord draw string to keep them from rubbing in the single compartment of the Avalon bag.


For storage the bags are hook mounted on the wall and ceiling using eye hooks with S-hooks and carabiners along with my traditional recurve, spare arrow tubes and quivers.

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